Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Affordable Food

"Affordable food" is a growing issue with the public on a world-wide basis, ever since Aug. 2005.

In Canada, affordable food has had a delayed start, but has been consistently present since March 2012.

Are the #ChickenMafia and #EggMafia naive about this trend, or leading the charge to a better future for all Canadians?

A Google Advanced Search as of 2013/11/12 10:00 PM of their websites produced the following results:

Chicken Farmers of Canada website
which is focused on the farmers and the chicken production side of the business.
Here we hit nothing whatsoever for "affordable food".

Nothing on Chicken Farmers of Canada's website, as shown above.  Zilch. Nada. Zero.  How sad.

Chicken Farmers of Canada website
This is a consumer relations website for recipes
and other light & fluffy marketing propaganda
Here, on the website of Chicken Farmers of Canada ("CFC"), there is nothing found for the phrase "affordable food", but Google went on to search for either of the individual words in that phrase.  This time, we get a bunch of recipes, that's all.  With the growing concern of food affordability, you'd think CFC might have covered that issue on their consumer website.  Nope, just cute pictures and more propaganda to confuse and distract.

Chicken Farmers of Ontario website
Here we find only one reference in 2007 (6 years ago) .

On Chicken Farmers of Ontario ("CFO"), we actually get something that is close, from way back in 2007.  CFO's statement in their 2007 Annual Report says,

"Consumer research has consistently indicated that Canadians benefit greatly from supply management, in that it offers safe access to domestically grown poultry and a stable supply of affordable, high-quality food."
No link is provided, no footnote, just a bald assertion with no objective facts.  Today, we might ask the consumers who want to buy kosher chicken, Hong Kong chicken, organic chicken, free range chicken, and many more in Ontario. Today, there is no supply, or an inadequate supply for all of these in Ontario, so CFO's bald assertions of "access" and "stable supply" fail miserably in these areas.

Secondly, 30% to 80% of chicken in Ontario is regularly contaminated with pathogens such as campylobacter, E.coli, listeria, or salmonella.  Do they really call that "safe"?

I have previously Blogged about the low quality of Ontario chicken, that Ontario's chicken crop has significant diseases, so bad so that significant percentages of the birds get regularly condemned by CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) at the Ontario slaughter plants.  Ontario chicken has a slaughter plant condemnation rate that is 23.3% worse than Atlantic Canada, and 21.7% worse than BC.  I think CFO fails in its "quality chicken" claim.

I have also Blogged about how Ontario chicken has price inflated higher and faster than other meats, and is now 300% more expensive than similar chicken available in the USA.

Could it be that either or both CFC and CFO are doing a wonderful job on affordable food, but it's hidden and cannot be seen by outsiders?  I guess that is possible, but I can't see why they would do that.  Don't hold your breath on that occurring.  However, if that is the case, I ask that they submit the evidence to the public so as to easily convince all of us of their good works on affordable food.  I will be the first to applaud them if it's true. 

I therefore conclude that their actions on "affordable food" and their related claims by both CFC and CFO are just that; unjustified, bogus, propaganda meant to deceive and distract consumers from the truth:   Canadians are being repeatedly raped by the #ChickenMafia .

The #ChickenMafia isn't aware, or doesn't want to talk about "affordable food".  It's no wonder.  While they get a "D-" grade for most everything else they do, but they get a grade of "F" for "affordable food"; abject failure.  No wonder they don't want to discuss their biggest failure and disappointment they have imposed upon Canadians.

The hubris and arrogance of the #ChickenMafia encourages them to change channels and ignore the growing plight of Canadians.

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