Friday, June 14, 2013

Congratulations CFO!

Well done CFO!

I hereby congratulate Chicken Farmers of Ontario ("CFO") for moving in the right direction with a quantum leap forward.

See, that wasn't so tough.  I did it!  I gave a heart-felt, no sarcasm included, honest complement to CFO.

While I have been a big critic of CFO, CFC, and SM in general, even I can recognize positive events, and give credit when credit is due.

Hopefully this initiative will soon resolve the unfair gouging of consumers by the bogus Feed Conversion Ratios (FCR) and the runaway prices for chicken feed where chicken producers directly benefit every time a supplier raises their prices, but the Canadian consumer gets stuck with the bill.

What has caused this earth shattering complement of CFO to occur?

The June 12, 2013 News Insights from Chicken Farmers of Ontario ("CFO") is a watershed in the Canadian chicken industry.

Can we hope that CFO's Board has learned (or been ordered) to be more reasonable, forward thinking, responsive, stewards for the greater good of the public, and all that kind of stuff?

The word cloud for CFO's announcement is shown on the right, words sorted alphabetically, and the size of font for each word is proportional to the frequency of occurrence in the document.  The colours are assigned randomly. 

The words I like seeing most are:
ability, accountability, best interest, best-in-class, collaboratively, confidential, controls, defensibility, disciplined, efficiency, encourage, ensure, ensuring, experienced, expertise, fair, fresh, independent, new, managed, measure, objective, process. relevant, reward, representative, responsive, stakeholders, statistical validity, statistician, strict, study, support, third party, transparency, together, true, and unbiased.
 Most of my favorite words are found in small font sizes, and therefore are of minimal significance for CFO, but it's a start.

We even have CFO's tentative deadline of Dec. 2013 for implementation.

I encourage mega-factory quota-holding chicken producers, readers of this Blog, government, and everybody else to contact CFO and congratulate them.

Send CFO an email here 
and let them know how you feel.

Who knows, CFO might like complements better than having boiling oil constantly thrown upon them. They might like it so much, they'll start doing more of the same.

It might become an addictive habit, seeking positive feedback from their stakeholders.

The Board may actually start doing effective leadership and management of their public trust.

If this keeps up, I and my trusty muckraking Blog may soon be out of a job.

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