Monday, April 8, 2013

Small Flocker's Strategic Plan 2013 - 2018

We needed a detailed Strategic Plan, so I made one up for 2013 - 2018.

Some people like pictures, so I used some free software on the Internet (Cmap) to construct our 5 yr. Strategic Plan on one sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper.  Here it is in zoomable size:  SFPFC Strategic Plan_2013-2018.

Too small to read?  You can then click on the above link for the SFPFC Strategic Plan pdf file, which will usually open the file using an Adobe Acrobat plug-in for your browser.  At the bottom of that window, in the centre, a small toolbar will appear as you move your computer mouse pointer over this area.  In that toolbar, you will see + - signs, click on the + to zoom in.  Use the scroll bars on the window (right side and bottom) to move around within your magnified view.  That toolbar will also allows you to print, save, change page, or go to the full in-browser version with the Adobe Acrobat symbol on the far right of the toolbar.

Currently, I believe we are at Step 3 in our plan:
3.   Leader openly and publicly explaining and sharing the Vision and the Leader's values, beliefs, plans, and actions with one or more Stakeholders.
We have to be careful to watch out for when others start to implement the Counter Attack (brown coloured section of the Strategic Plan) against Small Flockers and our team of supporters.

When we get there (ie. Counter-Attack Territory) in 6 months to a year from now, we will have to be sure to take the Green Road (The Best Road), rather than the Purple Road (The Easier Road).

Some of you may wonder why I would share our Strategic Plan with the world when we are in a battle for our lives?  It is simple.  We have the might of right.  They hide, while we disclose openly and honestly. The more people who realize that we are just like them, and our cause makes sense, the better it is.

I'm sure the other side are one of the first to download a copy of this Strategic Plan.  Some of the more enlightened of them may even suggest that they steal parts of our plan for themselves, so as to steal our thunder, narrow the gap, and pretend they can change too.  Most of those who are in power at that fossilized bureaucracy of their's will sniff at that idea, and continue on their current course, unable to change.

No, there is no risk of them stealing our plan and using it as a weapon against us.

As usual, let's have some discussions.  For the reasons outlined above, it is OK to post your feedback here, rather that send it in a private email to me.  However, if you aren't comfortable with that, keep sending me your private emails.  I will publish them here in the Blog only if you give prior written permission for me to do so.

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