Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Milked & Feathered

On the debut of the TPP trade treaty, economists showed that SUpply Management is a regressive system that hurts the poor, making food less affordable.

Supply Management is an old sick cow, and a chicken at death's door with
Bird Flu.  Money is leaking out the back end, driving up costs to unaffordable
prices.  Canadians can no longer afford this broken down, corrupt system
Image: The Manitban
"Milked and Feathered: The Regressive Welfare Effects of Canada’s Supply Management Regime"studied the costs and discovered what everybody already knew:  Supply Management price gouges the Canadian public, especially the poor.

The economists at University of Manitoba determined that the poorest pay $339 more per year because of SM.  For the richest, it cost $554 per year.

After covering the high expenses of housing and food, there isn't much left for the poor.

People have been living hand to mouth for some time now.  The pressure cooker is on the stove, the burner is on high, the pressure is rising.  How much longer can Canadians continue before they explode?  Perhaps the new Liberal government will give them hope to hold on a little longer.

Something must change, and it needs to change soon.

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