Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Near Death Experience for Supply Management

Upstarts in the Conservative Party of Canada ("CPC") tried to upend the dogmatic support of Supply Management, a new first.  The motion to change policy was defeated for now, but the voices for change are growing, both with the party, as well as outside.  It is unknown where the growth of Anti-SM will advance the fastest, to first hit critical mass; whether within or outside the CPC.
Does the Conservative Party of Canada have a
"Fear of Change" for Supply Management?

I learned of this news item from the Chicken Farmers of Canada ("CFC") in their Annual Report for 2013, on page 39.  Therefore I'll let the CFC tell their story first, before I give my 2 cents worth.

"Chicken Farmers of Canada Chairman Dave Janzen and staff attended the 2013 Conservative Policy Convention held in Calgary from October 31st to November 2nd.

A contentious policy motion on Supply Management was brought forward in the economic policy session by the Electoral District Associations of Medicine Hat, Edmonton—Mill Woods—Beaumont, Calgary Southeast, and Calgary—Nose Hill.  It recommended a change in wording (and policy) that would move Conservative Party support away from supply management and towards a transition to something new. The motion was opposed by the Minister of Agriculture, Gerry Ritz, and a group of Ontario MPs, including Gary Schellenberger.  Minister Ritz was the first to speak and came out very strongly against the motion.  He defended supply management and stated that it does not stifle innovation, is not a barrier to trade, and is not responsible for inflated prices.  Many other MPs also spoke in support of supply management and voted against the motion, including the Minister of International Trade, Ed Fast.  In the end, the motion was voted down 182 to 42, dying in the economic session before it could make it to the Policy Plenary Floor."
 Well!  Wouldn't that have plucked the chicken had that proposal passed.

Assuming everybody voted, there were 224 delegates in total.  If only 42 voted in favor, that's just 18.75% of them in favor of moving away from Supply Management ("SM").  Sounds like the lunatic fringe, but wait, there's more to this than meets the eye.

In reality, they are just about ready to be winners of their motion.  Here's why.

Defeat, or Almost Victory?

All great ideas start with one lunatic who asks why, then doesn't like the answer received.  That lunatic pesters and bugs, and asks more foolish questions, until somebody else sees the light of day.  Now we have a movement, for we have a leader and a follower.  When we have gained our first follower, the movement has doubled in size.  Doubling is what all great movements are all about.

The leader and follower of their movement keep pressing their issues.  Eventually, they get 2 additional followers.  They just doubled in size again.

For the CPC, they had 42 people convinced on the evils of SM in spite of the biggest guns the party coming to bear at point blank range to support SM in its moment of need.

42 votes in favor is equivalent to 6.39 doublings (eg. 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,...).  To get 50%+1 vote so as to have a majority, they need 7.8 doublings.  Therefore, in terms of doublings, which is the correct measurement for all movements that must grow exponentially or die, these lunatic upstarts are already 81.9% towards their goal.  If these lunatic upstarts tripped and fell over in the right direction, they'd be across the finish line with their majority.

Does the #ChickenMafia realize how narrowly they dodged the bullet?  No wonder they sent their biggest gun, David Janzen, CFC Chairman to the PC Convention for 3 days of schmoozing with their political masters.

Champagne Time, CFC?

While the CFC and all SM people can dismiss these people as lunatic upstarts, I'm not so quick to dismiss them.  CFC said,

"Since 2011, there has been an increasing amount of sustained and largely negative attention to Canada's supply Management System on a scale to which we are unaccustomed."

Maybe CFC is ready to pop the champagne corks to celebrate their defeat of the lunatic fringe.  Maybe that's why the CFC and most of the provincial SM boards have teamed up to respond to the growing tsunami against SM in Canada.  You know they're worried when CFC:
  • Hire a media consultant;
  • Get busy on the social media portals of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterist, and others; and
  • Install a full-time person as Public Relations Officer.
Don't give up now, you 4 Alberta CPC Riding Associations, for the fight has just begun.  Those 4 upstart CPC riding associations in Alberta need to be congratulated for their effort and fortitude to go against the current policy because it's the right thing to do.

You can send these 4 lunatic CPC Riding Associations your heart-felt thanks for trying to improve things for Canadians:

CPC Electoral District Associations who lead Anti-SM Campaign


  1. Interesting little bit of math mr rohamon quoted a study that canadians are paying about 91 cents more per dozen then our friends to the south. So just saying for Ontario there's 400 egg producers and the average number of hens is 25000 who produce on average 320 eggs per year.say the egg grader gets 25 cents of the extra per dozen what does that come out to

  2. P.s the only number i didn't get from the egg farmers of Ontario web site was 91 cents extra and i supposed the 25 cents because anymore would be greedy

  3. Thanks for commenting.

    Perhaps the devil is in the details. Let's check it out in more detail. Just how much money are those #EggMafia graders collecting in one year.

    400 producers * 25000 hens/producer *320 eggs/yr/hen /12 eggs/doz. * $0.25/doz. to the grader= $66.66666 Million per year from Ontario's SM egg grading.

    We have found the Devil in the details.

    Thanks for bringing that to our attention!

    Since LH Gray and Braeside have about 93% market share, and ON is about 1/3 of Canada's SM egg system, that's a total annual take of $186 Million per year for these 2 SM families.


    Equivalent to winning the 6-49 Lottery three times per year, every year, for ever and ever, Al men.

    Glenn Black
    Small Flock Poultry Farmers of Canada


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