Thursday, November 21, 2013

Release the Kraken !

We have been labelled as frivolous and vexatious by the god-like Titans at CFC (Chicken Farmers of Canada).

Perhaps CFC grows frustrated and tired of the cat and mouse game.  Perhaps they feel threatened by our continued pressing of our points and grievances.

Soon, they will no longer be able to contain themselves, and will lash out against us.  We need to be prepared for their vicious and untempered assault against us.

Someone at the #ChickenMafia will soon say,
"Brother, it is time for the mortals to pay.  My child awaits to do your will."
The #ChickenMafia Don will then yell:

"Release the Kraken!"

There will be many who suffer from the vicious attack of the Kraken.  I expect to be one of the first targets of attack by their monster.  However, there are many of us, and there is only one Kraken.  Once the Kraken has spent his fury, some of us will still be standing, and we will find a way to regroup and defend ourselves.

SFPFC received two letters from CFC this week.  The first letter supplied some polite yet minimal answers to some of the questions SFPFC asked of CFC back in March 7, 2013.  They have finally gotten around to answering them.  It only took 245 days to respond, 0.67 years.  They said it was in response to a Farm Products Council of Canada ("FPCC") decision of Oct. 2, 2013.  I'm not sure what that refers to, but I'll soon find out.

The second letter from CFC levels the allegation that SFPFC's complaint against CFC is frivolous and vexatious, only meant to annoy and cause trouble, and is without merit.

Not wanting FPCC to be left waiting, SFPFC drafted up a response to CFC's allegations and sent it off to both FPCC and CFC.

I can imagine how CFC will soon feel about our refusal to drop our grievances against them, and the rest of the #ChickenMafia.  That's why I'm expecting the arrival of the #ChickenMafia 's Kraken any day now.

All the letters have been uploaded for your reading pleasure here.

If I may be so bold, perhaps FPCC might choose to offer CFC a choice:
  1. CFC can voluntarily choose to respond to SFPFC's questions and disclosure requests with CFC's prompt, full, and final answers;

    or in the alternative,
  2. FPCC will hold a public hearing on the issue of whether FPCC should order that all agencies under the Farm Products Agencies Act ("FPAA") will be open, accountable, and transparent for all duties and actions under FPAA, their Proclamation, and any multi-party agreements to which the Agency is bound.
If the #ChickenMafia unilaterally decides to release the Kraken against SFPFC, what form do you think the Kraken will take?

  • As the leader of SFPFC, will the #ChickenMafia conduct a raid of my personal farm by the Chicken Police?

  • Will the #ChickenMafia phone in a bogus complaint of animal abuse at my farm, and get the OSPCA to do their dirty work for them?

  • Will it be a team of lawyers with reams of paper for lawsuits filed against SFPFC and myself personally?

Have any of you been in the #ChickenMafia 's bad books?  If so, I'd love to hear from you, in confidence or otherwise.  Send me a message.  Share your story with me, or the world, so we can better prepare for the arrival of the #ChickenMafia 's Kraken.

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