Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Help! We're under attack.

Man all battle stations!  We're under attack.

Without provocation, a surprise attack against Canadian small flockers has been launched, from coast to coast to coast.

Unfortunately, this attack has opened battle lines on a second front simultaneous with our ongoing right to grow local, affordable chickens for food.  Small flockers have fought bravely against superior enemy forces who have attacked with neither mercy nor just cause.  A summary of the enemy's attack on Sept. 9th 2013 can be found here.

Secret Report

The diabolical public relations propaganda of the enemy has kept the fully detailed report on their vicious attack secret.

However, secret agents of the freedom fighting SFPFC (Small Flock Poultry Farmers of Canada) have infiltrated the enemy's intelligence centre, and like WikiLeaks, SFPFC has posted the full report on the enemy's war crimes. The full report on the enemy's atrocities is posted here for the world to see and witness.

It is all summed up by the scurrilous Section 7.3.3 of the enemy's new Guidelines, where we find:

"Table eggs from unregulated flocks not complying with the recommendations in this guidance document should not be supplied for the table market, but should be diverted for further processing."

By "table eggs", they mean fresh, in the shell, raw eggs sold to consumers.

By "unregulated flocks" they mean farm gate (or backyard) sale of eggs by small flock chicken farmers who are currently allowed 99 or less laying chickens in Ontario (limits vary by Province/Territory).
By "complying with the recommendations" they mean no more re-using of egg cartons, implementing HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and passing your annual re-certification audit, implementing Start Clean- Stay Clean and passing your annual re-certification audit, proper egg washing in an approved manner, using (or building your own) a CFIA-approved egg grading station, testing and/or vaccinating against Salmonella, biosecurity separation between meat and egg birds as well as all possible contact with wild animals and birds, collecting eggs multiple times per day, temperature & time control throughout the egg's life,  labeling and traceability (forward & backward), lifetime ban from table egg sales for all layers exposed to Salmonella, and many more recommendations.
By "diverted for further processing", they mean sending 100% of your egg production for use as animal feed, or bulk eggs that get pasteurized (which sell for less than $0.566 per dozen as NR18), etc.; not enough $ to recoup the cost of the chicken feed consumed by the layers.
Unjustified Attack on the Innocent

How does the enemy try to justify their unjustifiable attack on small flock owners?  They try to use a risk assessment, and "advice" from industry experts from the monopolist millionaire egg producers who have quota.  Obviously, there is a significant conflict of interest when the quota-based monopolists Chicken Mafia advises Health Canada on the eradication of their competition, the quota-exempt small flock egg producers.

Warning Signs of their Planned Attack

There were warning signs dating from Oct. 2011 which happened long before the formation of the small flocker's resistance force, SFPFC (Small Flock Poultry Farmers of Canada).  SFPFC's forward scouts alerted SFPFC's command headquarters as soon as these plans and preparations by the enemy combatants were discovered.

Plea for Help

This plea for help will hopefully alert all friendly forces to our tenuous plight.  We pray that reinforcements will soon arrive to aid our cause.

To buy time so that SFPFC's reinforcements can get mobilized and into position, a desperate salvo against the attacking barbarians was launched yesterday.  Details of this return fire against SFPFC's attackers can be seen here.

Hopefully the war mongering aggressors don't realize the current weakness in SFPFC's defenses at this time.  Will reinforcements arrive in time, so as to adequately defend us against all subsequent waves of unrelenting attacks that are soon to strike?

As your leader of SFPFC's main forces for our ongoing battle for small flock meat birds, I am unable to single handedly defend our interests on both fronts simultaneously (ie. both farm gate/backyard eggs, and poultry meats).

I need your help.

Will somebody come to the aid of SFPFC's cause by defending against this sneal attack on our flank?

I believe new leaders will spontaneously appear once they see the desperate need, and find the courage to act.

If not you as the new leader, then who will you encourage to step up to be a new leader with you as their ready follower?

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