Friday, April 5, 2013

What will Maple Leaf Foods do?

Now that we have passed the word on arsenic being added to chicken feed (see this Blog posting), lets find out what we've been eating in Canada over the last little while.  Maple Leaf Foods is one of the "big boys" in the Canadian chicken market.  Let's see what they have to say.
Dear Maple Leaf Foods:

I understand that arsenic has been fed to some commercially raised chickens since the 1940's but this practice has now been banned in Canada as of Aug 2012.

Was there arsenic in the feed for any of the chicken previously sold under the Maple Leaf brand?

If yes, when did Maple Leaf (and/or your suppliers) stop adding arsenic to the chicken feed?

Has Maple Leaf fully implemented the ban on arsenic in chicken feed?

How can you be sure that the arsenic ban has been 100% implemented for Maple Leaf chicken?  For example, have you done independent sampling and testing for arsenic?

I sent the above inquiry to Maple Leaf Foods through their website as of 12:15 PM 2013/04/05.

What do you think Maple Leaf Foods'  response will be?

Do you think:
  • they will ignore it
  • threaten legal action
  • claim proprietary trade secrets, so they can't talk about it
  • respond in a fully open and honest manner
  • send SWAT undercover para-miltary types to have a heart-to-heart discussion with me
  • something else
Fill the Blog with your ideas.

Whoever has the first posting with the most correct answer will win a small, insignificant prize and world-wide Blog fame.

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